Location Analytics Now More Accessible for Mobile Applications Utilizing Placed

On June 13, 2012 CEO and Founder of Placed, David Shem announced that Placed Analytics would launch as a public beta version.  Placed Analytics is a free service which works with any mobile application (as long as the end user allows for location based service permissions.) via the connection of both the physical and digital realm. According to Placed, this service, which was established in February 2011, anonymously measures, aggregates, and analyzes the paths and places people visit in the physical world.

Application developers and owners can integrate Placed in an attempt to gain aggregated daily reports among which include User Traffic Patterns, Heat Maps and Business categories. App developers and business owners can now get a better indication as to whether or not they are reaching their targeted location and audience enabling them to gauge how effective their marketing, product development and sales campaigns are.

Marketers are able to have insight into whom and what their audience is composed of based on their individual locations globally. Product managers are able to utilize the analytics and provide a greater understanding as to how an individual’s location impacts how they engage with the application. Teams selling and pitching mobile ads can utilize places to increase sales revenue by sharing with clients more insight and demographic statistics.

One project manager and beta customer of Placed is currently testing the rate of speed in an attempt to find out whether or not voice controls would make the app easier used. Shim is excited to see how different beta testers creatively manipulate the Placed Analytics program to generate more concepts and opportunities for further development.

Prior to Placed, Shim feels that the analytics available to web application developers was limited and too highly technical to be of any positive use. Placed, however, places quantitative data on locations for both advertisers and content developers.

Over the last several quarters while in beta testing, Placed has measured more than 2 billion locations and projects. Location insights will be delivered on high levels. Since Placed Analytics is free it is a genuine game changer for many developers. Typically adding analytics has come with a hefty price tag, but now it will be available and usable by all.

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