Obamacare: Is It Only 10%?

Obamacare was primarily designed to help those who were uninsured due to economics and those with pre-existing conditions. That universe was estimated to be about 30 million Americans, yet no one sold the ACA based on the fact that it was designed to help only approximately 10% of Americans. The law explains that you cannot have your old [...]

5 Reasons to Rename Your Company for 2014

Chances are, before you launched your small business, you spent an almost embarrassing amount of time mulling over a company name until you boiled down the options to the one perfect choice. Or, possibly, you experienced the exact opposite situation; perhaps one name seemed like the only logical choice from the beginning. Either way, it [...]

Target Targeted – 40 Million Credit Cards Compromised

If your credit card information was compromised, would it make you feel better to know you were among 40 million others? We wouldn't either. Sadly, that's the way 40 million of us who shopped at Target in the 3 weeks following Thanksgiving are feeling today. Late yesterday, the Secret Service confirmed they were investigating this [...]

5 Small Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

Believe it or not, it’s creeping up on the end of the year again. Which means it’s time to start lying to ourselves about how few carbs we’re going to eat and how many sit-ups we’re going to do in the coming year. December is also the time when small business owners should be taking [...]

5 Things Needed to Keep Your Home-Based Biz … LEGAL

One of the upsides to working for someone else, especially if that someone else is part of an established company, is not having to worry about a lot of the logistics of business operation that often have nothing to do with your actual area of expertise. Unless your small business happens to specialize in financial, [...]

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Is Facebook Over? No, But Look Elsewhere Anyway

There was a time (it feels like last week, and honestly, that’s not too much of an exaggeration) when it seemed like Facebook was the insurmountable king of social media. In the last few years, businesses across all markets have finally caught on to the fact that social media, far from being just a social [...]