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5 Website Security Tips

2040884a-7da9-4468-b3d0-efccbb80de39Imagine leaving your car parked in a crime-ridden neighborhood. Would you leave your windows down and doors unlocked? Unfortunately, the internet is very much a crime-ridden neighborhood and too many of us are not even taking basic security steps to keep our websites protected.

The goal of this article is to give you some general best practices that can help you keep your website secure from many common cyber threats. Think of this as advice on “How to roll up your windows” and “How to lock your doors” – very straightforward but important steps. While a determined hacker may still be able to break into your vehicle, following these steps will substantially decrease your chances of becoming a victim of a cyber-based attack.

The Day The Internet Stood Still

3756ff84-f858-4a76-bda2-db0baf4e7926It’s almost 2017 and, today, even toasters are connected to the internet.

We call it IOT – or “internet of things” – and, in case you haven’t heard, it’s the latest technology wave to hit consumer electronics. Cisco estimates that by 2020, there could be anywhere from 50 to 200 billion internet-connected devices in use.

While it’s great that our cars, homes, coffee makers, and refrigerators will join us in this great experiment, we’re now seeing some of the bad that will come with the good.

Ecommerce Starts and Ends Here

Selling products online is an important part of running a business. Some businesses are entirely online, allowing for business owners to operate from anywhere at any time. To nobody’s surprise, ecommerce accounts for more and more purchases every year and is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Ecommerce Projected Growth

Visa Tackles the Biggest EMV Issue

EMV has rolled out to stores and Visa Quick Chipcredit card terminals around the world. It’s the new standard for secure transactions, and people are encouraged to use their chip-enabled cards whenever they have the option.

One of the major complaints about EMV (it may be the only complaint, really) is how long it takes to run a card with a chip. Traditional magstripe transactions allow you to swipe once and the final amount and authorization are handled afterwards. With the current EMV software, customers have to insert their card and leave it in the terminal until the total of the purchase is known and authorized. This process takes about 15 seconds, which may not seem like much on paper, but when you’re standing in a line of 5 people those seconds can really add up. Visa is working on a fix to make EMV transactions faster and more convenient for both cardholders and merchants.

Your Business is Live Now

Facebook is a great place to get engagement Facebook Livewith potential customers. From ads to boosted posts and Call To Actions, Facebook is definitely a place for business, and new features are being added every day to make advertising feel less like advertising and more like natural communication with people you do business with. Facebook’s latest feature, a response to Persicope (by Twitter), is Facebook Live Video. A user or page can broadcast video from their smartphone or tablet and receive comments from people watching the stream.

5 Digital Tools That Tell What Your Website Visitors Really Think

fix-siteSuccessful brands effectively collect consumer feedback and use it to make incremental improvements to their product. While customer feedback is important, often users aren’t sure about what they want; or, users claim to want one thing, but really want another. The best brands not only collect customer feedback, but also gather user data in order to in order to make their site, product, and business better.

Pokemon Go is Great for Businesses

Unless you live on the moon, you’ve probably heard, seen, or read about the new Pokemon Go app. It’s an PGO Titleaugmented reality version of the globally popular Pokemon games in which players explore the world, catching and training monsters and battling other trainers. For the last week and a half, kids, teens, and adults have scoured their cities hunting monsters, battling at gyms, and seeking out Pokestops to re-up on useful in-game items. There is a running joke about the irony of a video game finally encouraging people to go outside and exercise, but as a business owner, this is a very serious opportunity. People of all ages are out, walking around, exploring areas in their city they normally wouldn’t go to, which means you have an opportunity to present your business to new potential customers.

Deer Valley Data Joins the Newtek Family of Companies


Greetings Deer Valley Data customers!

Newtek is pleased to announce that Deer Valley Data and its Atjeu brand have joined the Newtek Family of Companies.

If you’re not familiar with Newtek, you’ll be pleased to know that Newtek Technology Solutions is a leading managed technology and I.T. infrastructure company that has been around since 1997.

Newtek’s technology operations are based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and have a data center footprint — with redundancy and backup — in Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, London, and Singapore.

Is Your Business Growing? 3 Tips on How to Scale

Scaling a growing business can be as challenging as starting one. These tips can help you navigate the roadblocks that come with success.

You would think growing pains are a nice problem to have, but the challenges of scaling a business can trip up even the savviest of entrepreneurs. Sure, your store has grown forty percent in sales over last year, but you may not have the space to keep up with this growth next year. The increase in sales has helped cash flow, but that’s still not enough cash to open up a second location. How, then, do you scale?

Twitter is Relaxing Its Character Limit, Making Room For Marketers

One of Twitter’s defining traits is its character Twitterlimit: whatever you need to say must be done in 140 characters or less. Over the past several months there have been rumors that there would be changes to this limit, some of the bigger ones including an increase to 1000 characters (please, no) and excluding images from the character count.

On Twitter’s blog they recently confirmed some of the rumors in a detailed post about upcoming changes to their character limit rules and rules regarding replies.

Some of the upcoming changes include: