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Newtek’s Suite of Services Delivering at All Levels

Newtek Technology Services, a division of the Small Business Authority, continues to deliver top-line service to it’s hosting, tech products, and services customers. It is was great to hear the story of our client, Al Heyman, President and Founder of Spectrum Research, Inc., a Company that has been hosting with us for nearly a decade.

To read Al’s incredible story of imagination, resilience, and business acumen, visit our technology blog.

InteCare, Hosting Customer, Casts its Cares on The Small Business Authority

InteCare Inc.

Rebecca Sigafus speaks with a Midwestern authenticity that makes you want to tell her your problems. She’s in the right field.

Sigafus began her behavioral-health career as a music therapist, where she spent 10 years before returning to school for her master’s degree in social work.

“I loved being a music therapist,” Sigafus said. When she was attaining her master’s degree, she was surprised by how much she enjoyed learning the management and administration side of behavioral health.

Robyn Conte, N.D., Helps Healing Come Naturally

Robyn Conte

Some of Robyn Conte’s coworkers felt so comfortable with her that they’d confide in her about their ailments, right down to constipation.

That was back when Conte was in the business world. Her compassion, which put coworkers at ease and would eventually lead her to where she is today, had already manifested itself in her early life.

For example, Conte worked with special-education students when she was in high school.

“That’s the core essence of my person,” she said in a telephone interview. “I like to help people find joy even if they have a slower cognitive ability or physical handicaps. I just don’t see them that way.”

A Heart-to-Heart With Courtney Stanley: A Customer Shares her Story

Courtney Stanley and her father, Vernon, have made careers out of capturing people’s hearts.

Courtney Stanley

Vernon R. Stanley has used his doctorate in electrical engineering and his medical training to capture the rhythms of people’s hearts with the 12-lead electrocardiograph (ECG). He’s been an emergency-room physician for 34 years and a lecturer for nearly that long. He’s the chief of ER medicine and chief of staff at Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill, W. Va.

Vernon R. Stanley turned his 29 years’ worth of lecture notes into online training courses, available at Three courses are offered: the 12-lead ECG course, an animated rhythms course, and a 50 case studies course.