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Mobile = Money

Bring your business on the road with a mobile commerce solution

Unlink other mobile services, with NewtPay Mobile you get a real FDIC Insured Merchant Account and it is PCI Compliant and EMV Ready. Plus our transaction fees are an average of 20% lower than Square’s.

Online and traditional merchant processing services can only be implemented by businesses that have a website or a physical store. As the Mobile Application Authority™, Newtek recognizes that many business owners need to process payments on the go. To address this need, Newtek offers revolutionary mobile processing, or mCommerce, services.

Conduct business from anywhere using your existing smartphone and one of our mobile processing devices. By swiping customers’ cards directly through the device attached to your smartphone, you are able to process orders from anywhere in real time. Doing business in this way, you are able to effectively reduce risks and costs, increase your exposure and enhance your ability to conduct business on the fly.

Turn Your Smartphone into a Credit Card
Terminal with NewtPay™ Mobile
Newpay Mobile

The NewtPay™ Mobile program provides a selection of two different EMV ready readers, and is a cost effective, secure mobile solution for business owners. NewtPay™ Mobile makes processing payments simple for industries that were historically difficult. Mobile payment solutions are becoming increasingly popular in today’s marketplace for their ease, low costs and advantage over the competition.


Newpay Mobile
  • Choice of two different EMV Ready Solutions
  • Per Transaction Rates as low as 1.69%
  • Free downloadable APP
  • Free internet based transaction management dashboard/console
  • No cancellation fees
  • No monthly minimum
  • Supports Apple and Android devices
  • Acceptance on all major wireless network carriers (*Pre paid mobile phones are not supported)
Mobile Processing Services
View Mobile Devices

View Mobile Devices In order to better serve our clients, Newtek has developed a new non-cash payment method to provide our clients with the flexibility they need. In addition to providing a new avenue for accepting mobile sales and processing payments on-the-go, our mobile devices process payments at the point of purchase, which reduces risks and saves you money. Learn more about our mobile devices and start accepting payments wherever, whenever.

Learn More About mCommerce

Learn More About mCommerce

  • mCommerce is quickly becoming the most popular way to purchase items online
  • Increase your cash flow – accept non-cash payments from clients who don’t carry cash
  • Enhance your flexibility by accepting payments directly through your web-enabled mobile device
  • Use your existing smartphone – our devices are supported by most mobile phones

Mobile terminal features include:

  • Downloadable APP
  • Scalable mCommerce solutions tailored to fit your needs
  • Supports Apple and Android devices
  • Optional hardware, including blue tooth printers printer and EMV card swiper
  • Optional payment gateway integration
  • Sales-origination GPS tracking
  • Electronic signature capture

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