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Retail Processing

Low-cost point-of-sale payment processing

Designed for the small business owner

Merchant processing is quickly becoming an attractive feature for many small businesses, especially since more and more prospective clients have begun carrying credit and debit cards in lieu of cash. Moreover, customers will spend 12 – 18% more on average when they use credit cards instead of cash.

To help businesses take advantage of this growing trend, Newtek offers superior merchant retail processing services for small businesses, allowing your organization to accept electronic payments and credit card payments, PIN/signature debit, or gift and loyalty cards. Newtek processes more than $4.5 billion in payments annually and is PCI compliant, meaning that your non-cash payments will receive the highest degree of protection.

Virtual Terminal

If you have a web browser you can take payments.
  • It’s that quick and easy! With the virtual terminal, you can begin to accept payments wherever you can connect with the internet.
  • The device used can be mobile, tablet or PC-based.
  • If your processing requires you to take a card instead of key in the card, the virtual terminal supports a full end-to-end encryption card that connects via a USB port or Bluetooth.
The Virtual Terminal Features:

Our merchant processing solution offers:

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards
  • Transaction Data and Order information fields including Notes are saved indefinitely
  • Supports the ability to upload company logos
  • Increased security by supporting three levels: Clerk, Manager, and Administrator
  • Supports unlimited number of users
  • Easy to use virtual terminal interface for both standard key input or the new touchscreen devices
  • Built-in fraud protection tools
Unique Receipts and Entry Modes

Unique Reciepts and Entry Modes

  • Fully customizable receipts for a printer or email receipts
  • Available receipt templates for: eCommerce, retail, and transactions with tips
  • Support for Citizen Receipt Printer and/or desktop printer
  • Transactions can be manually keyed or a card swiper can be used
  • Plug and play Retail Swiper, no software or drivers to install by leading industry name – Magtek
  • Supports the ability to upload company logos for receipts
Recurring Payments Features

Recurring Payments Features

  • Multiple recurring payment options and plans available
  • Monthly and weekly processing options
  • Cardholder numbers are placed in a card vault and replaced by a token when processed
  • Tokens keep card numbers secure – card numbers are not stored in the virtual gateway
  • Store multiple cards per customer
  • Ability to have various plans running at once and per customer
End to End Encryption and Full Tokenization

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  • Magtek swiper is encrypted upon swipe for full encryption and complete security
  • Cardholder numbers are placed in a card vault and replaced by a token when processed
  • Tokens keep all card numbers from all hacking
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