SB Authority Index

The Small Business Authority Index

Whether there is a bull or a bear market, people want to know how their business is doing in comparison to the rest of the sector. But how can one measure their performance versus the rest of the small business market?

The Small Business Authority Index consists of several indicators weighted into a unique mathematical formula that together are able to monitor the health of the small business economy. This tool, customized for business owners, enables you to observe past and present trends in small business activity.

By looking at the current version of The Small Business Authority Index, one can see how the economy has fluctuated over time. The index dropped drastically during the Great Recession and has slowly increased over three years to an almost consistent level, with October 2007 displaying the flat, pre-recession economy.

How to Read the Index

A number greater than 100, our established baseline, describes the economy climbing to a healthier state and a chance for small business success. Please use the zoom feature below to adjust the time frame in which you may view the index.

The SB Authority Index

Current Month

Latest Value as of Feb 2015 : 130.16
Percent Change : 0.1%

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Latest Value as of Feb 2015 : 130.16
Percent Change : 0.2%
Max Value : 130.16
Min Value : 129.87