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HR Module

We have an online module to help you manage employee hiring as well as job, salary, educational, review, and personal data.

Time and Attendance

We support time-clock data imported through our pay grid. If you already have time clocks, we can support your existing system. If you are looking for a solution, we have a partner we can send you information about.

Employee Screening

Your employees represent your company. Drug testing and background checks, along with a good interview, should be the first steps in a comprehensive employee-screening program.


401(k) retirement plans enable your employees to easily save for retirement and have their savings invested while deferring income taxes. We can even show your company’s matching contributions on your employees’ pay stubs.

Health Insurance

We represent only highly rated insurance companies, and we support their products with a technologically advanced service center staffed with licensed insurance agents.

Pre-Tax Plans

Pre-tax plans are some of the smartest things that business owners can use to save their businesses and their employees money! These plans allow for the use of pre-tax money to pay for specific medical expenses as well as certain benefits.

Workers’ Compensation

With our payroll service, you make payments based on an actual payroll. You don’t have to worry about big upfront costs, painful year-end audits, or big finance charges. Our service eliminates the need for an initial outlay of cash and improves your cash flow, since your premium calculation is based on actual employee wages.

Merchant Processing

Electronic payment processing enables you to accept all major credit cards as well as debit and ATM cards for payment, whether you are a retail, service, mail-order, or internet merchant.

Pay Cards

Pay cards are great for employees who do not have traditional banking relationships. The pay-card service provides greater convenience, added security, and exceptional value to cardholders.

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Payment Options

    Direct deposit is an easy and convenient way to help you manage your payroll. To make it even better, we’ll offer you a 10% discount to ”GO GREEN” with 100% direct deposit.
    Our system calculates the net employee check amount, you write checks as you would to a vendor. Simply print and attach our pay stubs for your employees. (It’s FREE)
    Provides signed and sealed, ready to distribute paychecks, delivered to your location(s).

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