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Protection for Your Business and Your Employees

Whether you already have HR personnel, or you need to incorporate HR into your business, Newtek has services to help your business. Through our HR services, we can help your organization prevent a lawsuit, promote best practices, and ensure effectiveness. We work alongside your Human Resources staff to develop unique resources that will benefit your employees, including employee handbooks, job descriptions, and evaluations. In addition to the services we offer, our experienced HR professionals will work with you one-on-one to address your specific needs and questions.

Full-Service HR Solutions
Why does your business need an HR solution?

Why does your business need an HR solution?

  • 2000% increase in employment litigation since 1995
  • $200,000 average per court case settlement
  • $50,000 average litigation costs per case
  • 7,000 federal codes with over 40,000 pages of employment regulations
  • Thousands of state and federal regulations
HR Tools and Services to Help You Succeed

HR Tools and Services to Help You Succeed

  • Employee Handbook development
  • Created customized job descriptions
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Conduct effective job interviews
  • Reinforce termination and disciplinary practices
HR On-Demand: Industry-leading Consultations

HR On-Demand:  Industry-leading Consultations

  • Around-the-clock access to our HR support center
  • Limitless HR consultations via phone or email
  • Virtually outsource your HR department with HR On-Demand
  • Access to state and federal operations regulations

Question & Answers

Does the HR Resource Support Center provide information to both employers and to employees?
Information is provided to employers, in guidance to employer on behalf of employee(s).
How often is the information updated?
Daily or as often as there are changes or discussions of changes in legislation to state and federal laws and regulations.

Do you proactively send me updates with changes to laws and regulations that affect me?
Yes, within the support center, there are eAlerts which is a way for you to get instant email notifications for various additions or changes to Federal and State law. It is a quick and efficient way to stay on top of any law updates that may impact your business. You can choose to be alerted to only selected states or as many as all 50, including the federal notification – YOU CHOOSE.
Does it tell me what I should do, or does it give me options and risks with the choices?
Both, there is also a 3-Minute HR Audit available – An HR Audit helps determine the effectiveness of the necessary HR function of your business. It represents a systematic, objective tool to assess regulatory or policy compliance in the workplace, and you can take it as many times as you like. This audit only takes about 3 minutes to complete. Afterwards, within one business day, you will receive an email notifying you that the summary results of the HR Audit are available. For any questions or assistance regarding the results, we highly recommend you to directly consult with an HR Professional (With HR On Demand, you have an HR PRO on DEMAND).
Does it give comparable salary information for my location and positions?
As an HR Support Center user, you will have access to additional resources recommended by HR Professionals. There are additional fees that would apply, dependent on your needs.

If I don’t like it, can I get out of the deal?
The HR Support Center is an excellent tool for you and your business; you are not contractually bound.

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