Why Newtek?

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Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to help your business increase revenues, reduce expenses, and minimize risks.

Our Service

The Small Business Authority’s payroll service is a quality internet-based payroll product offering the same functionality as national brands like ADP™ and Paychex™, at a much more affordable price.

The internet-based functionality and reporting makes the payroll product very easy to use. The payroll service has the options of direct deposit, paper checks, electronic check signing, and more. This product seamlessly integrates with our workers’ compensation insurance, forming the “Pay As You Go” program.

Increase Your Revenue

Free Up Your Time

  • Business owners should spend their time growing sales—not handling time-intensive administrative tasks such as payroll
  • Free up the valuable time of bookkeeping and accounting staff members so they can focus on other tasks
  • The payroll solution is internet-based, state of the art, simple to use, and extremely robust

Reduce Your Expenses

Competitive Pricing

  • We guarantee cost savings of 20 percent or more, compared with competitors like ADP™ and Paychex™
  • Additional features, such as time and attendance and the HR module, are also competitively priced
  • It’s a very competitive offering, compared with PEO product

Reduce Overhead Expense

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for bookkeeping or payroll staff members
  • Improve efficiency with our product’s ease of use, reporting, and functionality

“Pay As You Go” Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • Through integration with payroll services, your workers’ compensation premium is calculated dynamically so the year-end audit adjustment is minimal
  • We will shop your workers’ compensation insurance to reduce the premium
  • No down payment of workers’ compensation premium results in an increased cash flow for you

Minimize Your Risk

Indemnification for Tax Payments

  • When we handle your payroll, we become liable for filing taxes on time and accurately
  • If you do payroll yourself, you risk paying heavy fines for filing even a day late

Data Accuracy and Integrity

  • Outsourcing payroll significantly reduces the potential for human error
  • Outsourcing reduces the chance of employee fraud


  • We are a financially transparent, public company
  • Don’t let anyone else handle your money
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