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Cloud Computing with VPS

A new way to think about small-business IT

Introducing cloud computing designed for the enterprise, but priced and supported for the small-business community.

With Cloud VPS, from The Cloud Authority, you get the power of enterprise-grade computing, scaled to the size that fits your specific business needs.

  • Never worry about unreliable server hardware ever again
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Scale server resources on the fly
  • Save up to 60% compared to traditional server hosting
  • Access 24/7/365 U.S.-based support vial phone, email, or live chat
  • Leverage human support that scales with all aspects of your business — not just your IT needs
Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing?

Due to the various ways the “cloud” is marketed today, the term “cloud computing” has taken on a number of meanings, depending on whom you ask. For some, the cloud is simply a broad term that describes any service available over the internet. In the hosting industry, however, the term refers to a specific type of computing infrastructure.


Put simply, cloud computing refers to a hosting environment that leverages pooled computing resources by way of virtualization. In our case, we’ve taken a large number of powerful servers, components, and network-enabled storage, and we created virtualized servers to exist on top of them. These virtual servers then leverage the computing power of the entire infrastructure without necessarily being dependent on any given hardware, making the servers more powerful and more reliable at the same time.


Why does cloud computing matter to small businesses?

Why does cloud computing matter to small businesses?

Less than a generation ago, real computing power existed mainly in the hands of large businesses that had equally large IT budgets. With the rise of outsourced hosting providers over the past decade, however, it became much more affordable for smaller businesses to host websites and IT services in a safe and reliable environment.


With the growth of virtualization — specifically, cloud computing — in recent years, this shift towards accessible computing continues to gain momentum. Now more than ever, small-business owners have affordable access to the same computing power and quality infrastructure as most Fortune 500 companies. Today, infrastructure to support critical data, email, or business applications can, in some cases, cost less per month than the average electric bill.


Why should your business host with us?

Why should your business host with us?

The fact is, not all hosting providers are created equal. When you think about entrusting a hosting provider with your mission-critical data, website, or email, you want to select a provider that has your security in mind. Consider the following:


  • We are financially strong and publicly traded (NASDAQ: NEWT)
  • We own and operate our network and data center—we never outsource
  • We Provide 99.99 percent network uptime
  • We provide 24/7/365 customer service and technical support
  • We offer the highest levels of network and physical security

What makes our cloud different?

What makes our cloud different?

  • We have one of the leading support teams in the world
  • With a base price of $39.95 per month, we’re one of the most affordable (if not the most affordable) cloud providers in the market
  • We provide you with nearly unlimited bandwidth, so you never have to worry about paying outrageous fees just because your website or application gets busy with site traffic. We encourage your success instead of penalizing you for it
  • We spared no expense when building our cloud infrastructure, and we only used Microsoft-certified hardware and virtualization technology
  • We have been providing world-class hosting services since 1997, making us one of the most experienced providers around
  • We made managing and scaling your cloud server simple with our custom-built online VPS management system

What Makes Our 24/7/365 Live Support Unique?

What Makes Our 24/7/365 Live Support Unique
A New Way to Think About Customer Support

With the cloud, you demand and expect a platform that will allow your business to grow. You also demand the responsive and expert support to help your business along the way. For those reasons, we have a different way of thinking about our technology support. We provide FULL business support that scales with the unique demands of your small business, from supporting your hosting and technology needs to helping your business increase revenue, reduce cost, and minimize risk.


Support From Real System Administrators

Make no mistake, The Small Business Authority has some serious technology chops. We’ve been providing business-class hosting services since 1997 (that makes us more experienced than nearly every cloud provider out there), and we staff our support teams with highly trained system administrators who can help you resolve issues quickly.


Above and beyond 24/7/365 front-line support teams, The Small Business Authority staffs a wide range of technology experts, data-center administrators, and network engineers at all times. So rest easy— we’ve got your back.


Support From Real Business-Solution Experts

When it comes down to it, it’s in our best interests that your business not only succeeds, but succeeds in a very big way. And our ability to help your business grow is unique in the hosting industry. We have, on staff, experienced business-solution experts who can help you find the best ways to get your business to where it needs to be. It’s as simple as giving us a call.

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