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Computers are a vital part of everyday business operations; so when problems arise, things can come to a screeching halt. While having an IT person on staff is one way to ensure business runs smoothly, it isn’t always an option for small businesses. That means you’re either depending on a third party service to address the issue, or you may have to play the Help Desk role.

Soluto is a new way to help reduce time spent maintaining and fixing Windows computers. Armed with quick fix do-it-yourself tools, or slick remote expert assistance Soluto offers a valuable PC maintenance suite cost-free for up to 5 computers.

The first time you open Soluto it provides a computer overview from programs installed, items running in the background, internet connectivity, antivirus and firewall protection, to hardware specs. It even measures fan speed, temperature, and battery wear, so you can tell when your hardware might require repairs. At the very least, it can certainly can help troubleshoot computer issues, quickly delivering important information to your fingertips.

Soluto can improve performance by helping you to remove unnecessary programs from Windows startup to speed boot time. And through its easy-to-understand, interactive graphic, Soluto shows all your startup applications in three categories:

  • No Brainer (recommended to remove)
  • Potentially Removable
  • Cannot be Removed by Soluto … yet.

Each program comes with additional information including what other Soluto users have done and the impact it will have on startup time. You can choose to pause, delay, or retain it in your computer’s start up process.

Once startup is optimized, you can move on to handling “frustrations” such as freezing programs or recent system crashes and get to the core of these problems by engaging Soluto’s community.

Soluto also provides time-savers that include enabling silent upgrades and automatically ensuring your program versions are current. You can also take advantage of one-click installation for common programs like Skype, Dropbox, antivirus, and more through a its Ninite partnership

Another beautiful Soluto feature is the ability to share the things you have done to improve and optimize your computer with family, friends, and employees. Applying updates, turning on anti-virus and firewall security, optimizing the browser, removing unnecessary apps and more can be performed virtually. You can even remotely install Skype by open video-chat with those you’re assisting.

One more slick feature, Quick Question, makes Soluto so undeniably nifty. When a Soluto user experiences a computer issue, they can ask a Quick Question by simply hitting F8, typing their question, and clicking send. An email will be sent to the Help person with the question along with a screenshot, a list of running processes, and the resources they need to resolve the issue quickly.


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