[News Ticker] “Ethical” Hacker Shares Thoughts about Target Breach

iStock_000025561239XSmallVinny Troia has the skills most hackers would be envious of. What he doesn’t have is the lack of morality. That being said, his skill set is helpful in determining the “hows” that surface once data breaches are exposed.

Most everybody has heard of the Black Friday breach at uber-Company Target that apparently affected 40 million shoppers. Not everybody knows that the Company is now saying the number could be as great as 110 million.

Troia acknowledges that this, at least for the time being, will go down as the biggest breach in history. For the ethical hacker, however, it has provided the much needed attention to help the cause of getting individuals and Companies to recognize how vulnerable they really are – and the time to take action is THIS INSTANT!

The former Department of Defense contractor and information security expert for St. Louis’ Night Lion Security told KSDK, that this incident likely began with one email. In an on camera interview with the news station, he explained, “A worm got into the computer and opened a door for the hackers to get through,” adding that it could be as much as $10 billion to fix it IF forensic investigators can even find it.

“It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack … (but) If a Target employee had a malicious email, they had their software up to date, there wouldn’t have been a breach.”


Troia suggests replacing your credit or debit card you may have used at Target, even if the bank didn’t alert you of fraudulent charges. And he reminds that banks will never ask you personal information for any reason via email.

In the meantime, here is a great article that gives you some good ideas about how to protect yourself and your business from cybercrime.


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