Top 10 Kickstarter Blockbusters

kickstarterbuttonKickstarter’s democratized, all-or-nothing approach to raising capital has made it a top dog in the minds of startups looking to fund creative efforts. By allowing individuals to pledge unspecified amounts of money toward various imaginative projects, it has become an attractive avenue for startups looking to sidestep the venture capitalist and appeal directly to consumers. Since its launch in 2009, over 6 million people have pledged over $1 billion, backing more than 65,000 Kickstarter projects.

In its brief five-year history, Kickstarter has given the world some gems. Here are the top 10 highest-grossing Kickstarter Campaigns:

1.) Pebble Technology | Smartwatch

*Funded: May 18, 2012

*Goal: $100,000

*Raised: $10,266,845

2.) Ouya | Android-based video game console

*Funded: August 9, 2012

*Goal: $950,000

*Raised: $8,596,474

3.) PonoMusic | Digital music store & music player promising studio-quality sound

*Funded: April 15, 2014

*Goal: $800,000

*Raised: $6,255,354

4.) The Veronica Mars Movie Project

*Funded: April 12, 2013

*Goal: $2,000,000

*Raised: $5,702,153

5.) Reading Rainbow | “An interactive library making reading fun for kids”

*Funded: July 2, 2014

*Goal: $1,000,000

*Raised: $5,408,815

6.) Torment: Tides of Numenera | RPG

*Funded: April 5, 2013

*Goal: $900,000

*Raised: $4,188,927

7.) Project Eternity | RPG

*Funded: October 16, 2012

*Goal: $1,100,000

*Raised: $3,986,929

8.) Mighty No. 9 | Action platform video game

*Funded: October 1, 2013

*Goal: $900,000

*Raised: $3,845,170

9.) Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution of Gaming Miniatures | Figurines for games

*Funded: August 25, 2012

*Goal: $30,000

*Raised: $3,429,235

10.) The Micro | Consumer 3D printer

*Funded: May 7, 2014

*Goal: $50,000

*Raised: $3,401,361

So how can you use Kickstarter to get your creative endeavor off the ground? Applying is easy, just visit the Kickstarter website and follow the instructions to start a project. Keys to success: You will need to decide on a realistic funding goal, and shoot a slick video that explains your project and makes your pitch. After that, be sure to spread the word and keep your fingers crossed; the next powerhouse Kickstarter campaign may very well be your own.

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