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The Fight Against Fraud

Fraud is a scary thought in today’s merchant environment. Whether it be large-scale hacks on payment systems, or singular attempts of identity fraud, the amount of individuals seeking to gather personal information and swindle consumers out of their own money is ever increasing. When shopping online, in-store, or on the side of the street for [...]

Will Retailers Be Ready for EMV?

While the clock is ticking down toward the October 2015 EMV liability shift, an increasing number of analysts are questioning whether the majority of U.S. merchants will convert by that deadline, or at all. According to reports in Banking Info Security, though the forthcoming shift will mean that issuers or merchant that do not support [...]

Is Clover Mini the Ultimate Utility for SMB?

Last month, First Data announced the launch of Clover Mini, the newest member of the Clover family of products. The Mini rethinks the payment terminal, giving business owners an “all-in-one” solution to help streamline operations, expand business and customer intelligence, and improve overall customer experience, all while securely processing payments with the very latest technologies [...]

Digital Dining

Are people even going to restaurants anymore? Why travel the distance when you can have any type of cuisine delivered straight to your door. If you do go, are you being served or are you using a computer or iPad to put in your order? Food service stations and restaurants are going digital! Point of Sale [...]

Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program

U.S. small businesses have been slow to adopt EMV technology. To help ease the transition, American Express has introduced the Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program. To recap, EMV cards, or 'chip-and-PIN' cards, are set to replace antiquated magnetic stripe reader (MSR) card technology by October 2015. Instead of being swiped like current cards, EMV cards [...]

4 Things to Consider Before Switching to a Modern POS System

Things are not what they used to be. Remember the days where purchasing goods required huge buttons being pressed down to create a total, after which the cashier would accept your money and deposit it into a register? Well, that cash register still exists but as the 21st century unfolds, the demand for a more [...]

Is Your Business Prepared for EMV?

A major merchant processing change coming in 2015 will be the end of magnetic stripe reader (MSR) technology. The United Sates is actually the last major market to use old-fashioned swipe and sign systems, and it’s a major reason why almost half of the world’s credit card fraud happens here in America. Beginning October 2015, [...]

Apple Breaks Into Mobile Payments

Smartphone makers have been trying to replace our wallets with digital pay methods for several years. While the trend has yet to widely catch on outside of the tech sphere, Apple (so often the bridge between the super geeky and super chic) believes that they may be able to change that. On Tuesday, Apple announced [...]

Mobile Payments On The Rise

Even though the mobile payments movement is only in its frontier stages, it’s grown rapidly in recent years with worldwide payments reaching $163.1 billion in 2012. That figure jumped to $235.4 billion by the end of 2013 (Gartner). A recent Nielsen report about the state of the industry sheds light on the particularities of this growing trend. The [...]

Newtek Business Services Partners With Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU)

Newtek has partnered with Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU), one of the largest and most prominent Credit Unions in the United States with 26 branches, 234,000 Members and $4.9 billion in assets, to provide its Members who own and operate businesses the essential tools they need to compete effectively in today's marketplace. Newtek President and CEO, [...]