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Facebook’s Messenger Bots are Simultaneously Ingenious and Useless

Facebook has launched a Messenger Bot system to allow businesses to provide an “instant” point of contact to people looking for general information. The idea behind the service is to eliminate the need to call a 1-800 number, as stated by Zuckerberg. Facebook released the API to allow businesses to set up their own bots, [...]

Deploy Location-Based Mobile Marketing to Reach Local Audiences

Have you ever used your phone to find a place to grab a drink or dine while in an unfamiliar neighborhood? If you have, than you’ve used location-based services. This is a clever kind of mobile marketing that allows businesses to target local consumers. A location-based mobile marketing strategy enables small businesses to better attract random [...]

Happy Holidays?

As the 2015 holiday season ramps up, we find ourselves wondering: what is the best way to market to customers? The holidays are a fairly touchy subject. In a poll conducted by Pew Research Center of 35,000 Americans in all 50 states, 70% of the country identified as Christian. The next most identified religious group in the country (22%) [...]

Facebook’s Notify App

The idea of the Facebook News Feed as an actual news feed has always been a bit of a joke. A more appropriate name would be the Facebook Clickbait Stream, or the Facebook Babies & Weddings & Cute Animals Collection. The point being, more often than not, our Feeds were not feeding us any actual news. Today Facebook released [...]

Reddit Gets Upvoted

Countless publishers "borrow" news from Reddit everyday, in response, the social aggregator has launched the dedicated news site Upvoted. Upvoted will host curated news written by Reddit's editorial staff. Reddit is a public site that is fueled by user-generated content or news. Content and communities are grouped by topic and/or interest in sections called Subreddits. For example, you [...]

Pin It for Later or Buy it Right Now

Over 73 million users log into Pinterest every month looking for their next, purchase, idea or DIY project. On June 30th Pinterest took pinning to the next level with the addition of buyable pins and promoted pins. Introducing these two new features was a very smart move considering there are 20X the amount of pins posted a day [...]

The Facebook Dislike Button Is Here – Kinda

Early last year Mark Zuckerberg announced that a "dislike" button would appear on Facebook. The intent of the button would be to express support when someone shares something sad... but just imagine scrolling along lazily to be confronted with a sweet photo of your ex with his or her new significant other – an impulsive DISLIKE! [...]

Snapchat Update

Snapchat has steadily become one of the most popular messaging apps in the United States, used by 100 million people daily and is among the most valued venture-backed companies in the world. Last week, users got a taste of Snapchat's newest update that brought three new features: lenses, trophies, and paid replay. Lenses lets users apply live "lenses" to their snaps. [...]

An Empathetic Dislike

Rumors of a Facebook "dislike" button have been swirling around since December 2014. On September 15, 2015 at a Facebook Q&A session, Mark Zuckerberg announced that a "dislike" button will indeed take its place alongside the familiar "like" button. Zuckerberg describes the dislike button as a tool to show empathy. When posting about something sad, to [...]