Only 10.5 Months Left! (Did You Read Our Online Magazine Yet?)

It's been a month and a half and you are yet to download our FREE online magazine for 2014? We are going to assume that your reasoning is NOT because: You hate free things. You are already too successful. It would be terrible to have the edge on the competition. You already know everything you [...]

New Healthcare Reform Mandate Delays

As you have likely heard, the Healthcare Reform Act requires that all large employers (50 or more workers) provide insurance to their employees. And not unlike several other addendums, this mandate has been pushed back – again. The administration is basically scaling back completely for medium sized businesses and less so, but still significantly, for [...]

Newtek Debuts Magazine Dedicated To Small Business Owner Issues

EMV Smart Card Technology, Cyber Security, Small Business Lending and Healthcare Reform All Discussed in 2014 Edition Newtek Business Services, NASDAQ: NEWT, The Small Business Authority®, just announced the debut of Newtek, The Small Business Authority Online Magazine for 2013-2014. The magazine serves as a comprehensive look at the many issues small businesses will face [...]

Obamacare: Is It Only 10%?

Obamacare was primarily designed to help those who were uninsured due to economics and those with pre-existing conditions. That universe was estimated to be about 30 million Americans, yet no one sold the ACA based on the fact that it was designed to help only approximately 10% of Americans. The law explains that you cannot have your old [...]

8 Tax Deductions For The Self-Employed

Yes, we know the Holidays are here, but there's another season that looms right around the corner ... Starting your own business, in addition to having a number of other bright, shiny upsides, can be an incredible way to reduce your taxable income each year. But, as is the case with nearly every part of [...]

Individual Mandate Clarifications For Small Business

  The IRS has finally taken one more step to clarify what will constitute the Individual Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act. The mandate, which requires all Americans to obtain health insurance, had gone mostly undefined until now. As we approach the 30 day mark to the opening of the “online marketplace” also known as exchanges and [...]

Post Fiscal Cliff Deal – 4 Tax Bright Spots

Bye-bye uncertainty. When you do your taxes this year, you can thank the 112th U.S. Congress for reinstating several expiring tax provisions and making more generous others that specifically benefit small businesses—part of the American Taxpayers Relief Act, passed on January 1, 2013. But one of the most important things this act did, said Paul [...]

4 Payroll Updates & Tax Changes for 2013

The night before last, the House voted 257-167 to approve a bill to prevent the fiscal cliff. The plan maintains tax cuts for those earning less than $400,000/year and couples earning less than $450,000/year. Those individuals earning more will see increased tax rates. As we begin 2013 and deal with the aftermath of the Fiscal [...]