Male Trolls Threaten Women Across The Internet

For some, it’s hard to believe that gender inequality still exists in today’s society. With Hillary Clinton running for President, and many women holding CEO, CFO, and other high-ranking positions within the workforce, it is concerning that men are given undue superiority to women. Yes, men and women have their differences, but that should not [...]

Overcoming “Lonely at the Top” Syndrome

Most small business owners are ready and willing to take on the many tasks involved in running a successful enterprise—from devising a budget to hiring staff and planning both short-term and long-range strategy. It’s what they’ve aspired to do since setting out on their own. But the role of entrepreneur/owner/CEO is a double-edged sword. No [...]

Conducting Employee Exit Interviews is Good for Your Business

It may not be immediately clear why it’s worthwhile to spend some time talking to a (soon-to-be) former employee, but in fact you can learn a lot about your business this way. Assuming the situation is amicable—that is, the employee is leaving voluntarily for another position—this represents a unique opportunity to get candid feedback from [...]

Tips For Using Social Media To Find Job Candidates

By now, I hope we all realize that we should be constantly conducting ourselves on social media as though every person we might ever want to hire us is going to see what we post. Because, odds are, they will. Looking up someone’s social media presence is pretty much the second step after reviewing a [...]

21 Actually Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs

Okay, okay – we know it’s a little cliché to let yourself be inspired by quotes from famously successful people. But come on – they were so good at what they did, and being who they were, that people quote them. Surely they must know something worth listening to. It can’t hurt to hear them [...]

7 Tips for Successfully Managing a Summer Intern

Summer is just about here, but there’s still time to hire a summer intern and create a win-win situation for your small business. The intern wins by getting some priceless, real-world experience. You win by bringing a person on board with energy, creativity, and the drive to do well. There’s plenty of helpful advice on [...]

So What “Really” Happened To and What’s Happening With MySpace: One Year Later

Okay, it’s nearly a year since we published our extraordinarily popular article (whose popularity can be likened to staring at a car crash): So What “Really” Happened to … MySpace. Let’s be fair, at the time it was published, we didn’t have anything overly optimistic to say about the prospects for the “Once-Was’” Timberlake-led, re-launch. However, [...]

5 Best Customer Types

Not to imply that there are necessarily bad customers (except ones who don’t pay, or smell bad. I guess those aren’t the greatest), but for any B2C small business, there are definitely certain kinds of customers who make doing business sustainable, enjoyable, or wonderfully challenging. Here are our favorites: 1.     The Extra Loyal Customer They [...]