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ColdFusion Pricing Schedule Change

Dear Valued Client,

We wanted to provide you with additional information about the upcoming change to the pricing schedule for some versions of our ColdFusion shared-hosting plans. The price change affects the following “End of Life” ColdFusion versions: 5, 6, mx 7, 8, and 9.

As you may already be familiar with, software and software platforms – like ColdFusion – require regular maintenance, which includes software updates, fixes, and security patches. After a certain period of time, software vendors stop providing support for older versions of its software. We refer to the end of a software’s support lifecycle as “End of Life” (EOL). At this time, only ColdFusion version 10, 11 and 2016 are supported by Adobe.

While Newtek is committed to offering your EOL ColdFusion hosting plan for as long as we are reliably able to do so, there is an ongoing challenge of offering EOL hosting plans without support from the software vendor. These challenges include additional resources to maintain performance and stability, and boosting our security posture to better respond to increased security issues (because the software vendor no longer provides security patches for the platform, significant resources are required to monitor and respond to security events).

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, your hosting plan will see a change to its pricing schedule on your next billing date that starts on or after February 1, 2018.

We greatly appreciate your understanding for the necessary change and invite you to speak to our support team to discuss any questions you might have.

About our long history and expertise in ColdFusion

Since 1998, Newtek has been the industry leader in supporting the ColdFusion platform, starting with version 3.x — back when ColdFusion was still a product of Allaire. Since then, we’ve grown up with the platform through its days as a product of Macromedia and now Adobe, who we are now a longtime partner with for ColdFusion hosting. We are committed to supporting the ColdFusion platform for the foreseeable future and will continue to be a premier hoster for the ColdFusion development community.

Newtek Technology Solutions