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Do I have to use Trustwave for compliance?

You are welcome to use any approved PCI vendor to complete your compliance. If you chose to use another vendor, you will be responsible for any costs. You are also responsible to upload your third party compliance to Newtek via our Trustwave portal. Please click here for instructions on how to upload your information.

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I’m compliant through someone else, what do I do?

If you have already become compliant with an approved PCI vendor, Newtek will accept that compliance. When you log into your TrustKeeper account, you can identify yourself as “Already Compliant” on the home page. This will require you to choose which SAQ you have completed and attest to your compliance. You will then be required [...]

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What if I don’t want to become compliant?

If you prefer to remain non-compliant your account will continue to be charged $19.00 per month. You can avoid this fee by becoming compliant today. Some of the advantages of becoming compliant are: Protection from possible fines, fees, chargebacks and investigation costs. Prevent theft and fraud Identify network weaknesses Detect sensitive data storage Avoid harming [...]

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How do I become compliant?

Newtek has partnered with Trustwave a leading provider of PCI compliance and data security solutions for the payment industry. As a Newtek merchant you can get started by going to https://pci.trustwave.com/newtek and clicking get started. Please have your merchant number handy.

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What is the cost to become compliant?

The monthly compliance service fee covers access to a suite of PCI compliance tools at Trustwave. These tools include the self-assessment questionnaire, sample security policies, security awareness training and website scanning, if required. However, if you need to fix any security gaps found during the validation process, that cost would not be covered by the [...]

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What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance is a set of standards developed by the Payment Card Industry to reduce credit card data theft and fraud. It applies to ALL merchants that accept or handle credit and debit cards.

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