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Revel Systems, which is cloud based, provides an iPad® POS solution that gives retailers, grocery stores, restaurants and enterprise the ability to take orders, process payments, analyze sales and track inventory across several locations.

Supported Hardware
  • iPad® & iPad Mini ®
  • Thermal & Impact Printers
  • Digital Display Boards (TV’s)
  • Serial/Bluetooth Printers
  • Secure Card Swipes
  • Scanners & More
Key Benefits
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • 14% Faster Transactions Leads to Higher Revenues
  • Open API Allows for Future Scalability
Note: this POS solution DOES NOT have an EMV solution certified at present

Beautiful Front-end Design

Always On

The speed of a local connection paired with the power of the cloud. Revel POS switches seamlessly from the cloud to offline functionality like no other system can.

Menu Styles

Build your menu to be intuitive and access items with as least touches as possible, or access frequent items faster. However you want it. Revel caters to you.

Intuitive Interface

Our beautiful interface is built around the idea that it should be easy to teach anybody how to use it. With Revel, training your employees is easier than ever before.

Powerful Back-end Functionality

Open API

Revel Systemsprides itself on being entirely customizable to your business. We are always open to changes and improvements. Revel boasts an open iPad POS API, enabling you to enhance your Revel iPad POS as you see fit.

No Back Office Server

Cloud-based and secure. Revel POS provides you freedom from the back office server. Manage your business on vacation, from home, or anywhere you choose.

Robust Reporting

Detailed Sales Reports, Inventory Levels, and Employee Scheduling. Our easy-to-read analytics break down everything from hourly sales to order histories.


POS Features
Social Media Integration
The Social Media Integration feature helps businesses create awareness. Attract customers with social media directly from the Revel iPad POS.
Split Bill
The Split Bill capability provides restaurants with a multitude of options for splitting checks with ease and efficiency.


Table Layout
With the Revel Table Service software, you can have a table layout and different sections for each server all from one screen.
Always On Mode
Always On Mode enables a business to continue processing payments in the event of an Internet outage without losing data.


Inventory Management
Inventory Management allows business owners to keep track of and manage their inventory, directly from within the backend management console.
Payment Encryption
Secure and PCI compliant, Revel ensures all card readers come fully encrypted with AES 256 payment encryption key.


Delivery Management
The Delivery Management Console allows business owners to track orders and drivers effectively while keeping detailed order histories of all customers.
Intelligent Reporting
Revel iPad POS offers a suite of intelligent reporting to help you manage your business with the ability to access reports anytime, anywhere.


Revel Systems prides itself on being entirely customizable and feature-rich, but we are always open to changes and improvements.
Preconfigured Hardware
All hardware is tested and preconfigured, making sure your entire POS system and associated hardware are running at their best.


Loyalty Program
Revel offers a loyalty program directly integrated into your iPad POS, making it easy to track, build, and manage your customer loyalty base.
Catering Management
The Catering Management Console helps catering-based businesses stay organized, ensuring food is prepared on time and correctly.


Matrix Inventory
Matrix Inventory simplifies the retail point of sale process, enabling you to quickly locate an item and manage your extensive inventory from one screen.
Bar Tabs
Revel gives you the ability to create, manage and locate bar tabs. This will streamline operations at your bar and keep your customers happy.

Employee Scheduling
Scheduling employees is easy and intuitive: Access the backend via web browser, and select the employee for whom you wish to create a schedule.
Online Ordering
Give your customers even more ways to enjoy your offerings by implementing online ordering, allowing them to place orders ahead of time.


Purchase Order Generation
Generate and manage purchase orders directly from the point of sale. Create and attach vendor cards to POs for ultimate efficiency.
Franchise Management
Revel Enterprise POS offers master/child setup and user access control, enabling owners to monitor and track the sales at all locations.


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, enables businesses to keep track of their customers and their preferences.
PCI Compliance
Revel meets and exceeds the latest standards for PCI compliance, and ensures both your data and that of your customers is safe.

Ingredient Level Inventory
Revel offers ingredient-inventory tracking to help keep stock of your entire inventory, and receive alerts when you need to restock.
Scale Integration
Revel supplies business owners with direct scale integration to ensure your POS system will run with food safe scales.


Label Printing
Whether you need individual labels for inventory items, or large pricing labels to place on your shelves, Revel offers a variety of label printing.



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