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Newtek Small Business Finance
Customer Support: 800-749-8707

Newtek Payroll
Customer Support: 866-820-8901

Newtek Electronic Payment Processing
Customer Support: 800-277-6980

Newtek Web Services
Customer Support: 877-323-4678


1981 Marcus Ave
Suite 130
Lake Success, NY 11042

Thank you for expressing interest in contacting Newtek! We are dedicated to providing unparalleled support to our clients; to prove it, we offer around-the-clock support from live representatives. We would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have, so please feel free to get in contact with a live representative using the information above.

Many of our clients are inquisitive because they are passionate about the ways in which our services can benefit their businesses, and we are always happy to answer them. However, we understand that if one of our clients has a question, or requires further clarification on a subject, then it’s likely that others feel the same way. So, in addition to answering their questions, we have posted them within the Frequently Asked Question pages within each section of our site. We encourage you to read through these questions to see if you can find the answer you’re looking for.

Additionally, we have compiled a short list of the questions that we receive most often from our clients. However, if you have any other questions, our representatives are standing by, so contact us today.