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How to Survive and Thrive when Change Is Constant

We talked to Bruce Kasanoff, author of Smart Customers (Stupid Companies): Why Only Intelligent Companies Will Thrive-and How to Be One of Them, tells you how to manage higher customer expectations and how businesses can use technology to stay ahead of their customers.

Tech News: Microsoft Continues to Grow Their Cloud Service With Recent Acquisition

As news circulates about Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Yammer, a provider of enterprise social networks, others are noting its ability to transform the future of B2B social media. Many are claiming that with the purchase, for $1.2 billion in cash, it will create a kind of snowball effect within companies to take on the cloud-based [...]

Cultivate Cold Leads for More Sales Tomorrow

Hot sales leads naturally get most or all of a salesperson’s attention. Salespeople are always hunting for more customers right now. Unfortunately, this “right now” mindset overlooks other sales leads well worth cultivating. Here are tips on how to avoid overlooking a promising sales opportunity.

Why Windows 8 May Be a Turn-off for Enterprise Users

With the Windows 8 Consumer Preview available and Windows 8 slated to be released in December of this year, concerns about what this upgrade may entail are wide and numerous.  The touch-centric OS is a complete departure from previous Windows versions and many experienced Windows users have fond the learning curve for the new OS [...]

Strategies for Building Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Long-time customers are a special breed. Not only do they come back again and again, they’re less susceptible to being lured away by the competition and can be a marketing windfall (just think enthusiastic word of mouth). Smart business owners understand that customer retention is very cost-effective, which is why they focus at least as [...]