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Developing a Strategy

Whether your organization needs help backing up critical data offsite or designing a transregional solution for your business-critical systems, our specialists can begin working with your internal teams as early as day one. We can help you identify your single points of failures and move to plan redundancies based on your risk tolerance and other business concerns.

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Geographic DNS Routing & Load Balancing

With Newtek’s Geo DNS Routing and Load Balancing solutions, you can leverage our multi-regional footprint to balance traffic and cross-facility infrastructure.

  • Geo DNS Routing allows you to direct visitors to the closest data center based on their origin IP. When coupled with DNS failover, users can be automatically directed to alternate data centers during outages or maintenance.

  • Geo Load Balancing increases the resiliency of your infrastructure by spreading workload and traffic across various data center locations. Geo load balancing offers both disaster recovery benefits as well as enhanced traffic management to optimize site or application performance.


VM to VM Replication

Our virtual machine replication solution provides you with a complete, duplicated version of your live VM. Secondary virtual instances are hosted in a secure facility located (at minimum) 500+ straight-line miles from point A.

Bare Metal to VM Replication

Dedicated server customers can also leverage the same, cost-effective DR benefits of virtual server environments. A secondary, virtualized environment of your bare metal servers can be kept in a resting state, which can then be spun up and scaled on demand when failover is needed.



Offsite Backup

If the loss of your data or digital assets can harm your business, offsite backups can safeguard your organization from nearly all catastrophic scenarios. Backups from your hosted systems can be securely transmitted and stored in a facility located (at minimum) 500+ straight-line miles from point A.

DNS Failover

Having a secondary location for your systems can safeguard your data, but customers or users would not be able to immediately access your hosted services until a DNS change occurs. DNS failover provides your organization with peace-of-mind that your secondary systems can take over requests quickly.


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