Serious Audits Made Manageable

If you ever receive an IRS notice, their experts will be prepared to help. They ensure all your income tax audit paperwork is in order and handle communication with the IRS auditor on your behalf.

They Handle It All

Let their team take care of the entire process. They will develop an action plan, create a communication strategy, and prepare all the necessary financial accounting documents required for tax audits.


Certified Tax Pros on Your Side

Their EAs and CPAs are legally authorized to work with the IRS, setting them apart from other accountants. You can trust that you are in capable hands with experienced professionals defending your rights.

Protecting Your Rights

1-800Accountant’s team acts diligently to safeguard your taxpayer rights, ensuring you receive a fair hearing during tax audits. Rest assured. Your interests are the top priority throughout the audit process.


State-Level Expertise

Your IRS audit defense will be led by certified public accountants and tax professionals with specialized knowledge in your state tax laws and industry, ensuring a successful outcome for your small business audit.



With 1-800Accountant, there are no hourly rates or hidden charges. With transparent pricing, so you know exactly what to expect upfront.


of Minde

Their team of tax professionals provide a detailed analysis to ensure the accuracy of your small business audit payments or refunds, giving you confidence in the process.

FAQ about Audit Defense

  • What Triggers an IRS Audit?

    The IRS may audit a small business due to reasons such as underreported income. They cross-reference your industry and locality to assess typical deductions for similar-sized businesses.

  • What Happens During an IRS Audit?

    Upon receiving an IRS notice, you'll go through either a mail or in-person interview to review your records, which may take place at an IRS office, your home, your place of business, or your accountant's office.

  • Types of IRS Audits

    The four types of IRS audits are Correspondence, Office, Field, and Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program. Regardless of the type, the professionals at 1-800Accountant will be in your corner.

  • Why Do I Need Audit Defense for My Small Business?

    A robust audit defense provides peace of mind and levels the playing field when dealing with the IRS. 1-800Accountant's Audit Defense service ensures your income tax audit materials are in order and ready for IRS scrutiny.

Choose 1-800Accountant for reliable tax audit defense and secure your small business's financial interests. Contact their team today.

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IRS Communication Notice

It's essential to stay vigilant, as the IRS will never contact you via phone, text message, or email. All official communications are delivered exclusively through the USPS.