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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to prepare taxes?

    The time it takes to prepare personal taxes depends on the complexity of the work. With 1-800Accountant, rest assured that they'll prepare your individual income tax return with accuracy guaranteed, no matter how complex your situation is.

  • Do you file business and personal taxes together?

    LLCs taxed as a partnership or S corporation are pass-through entities but file separate tax returns. The partnership and S corporation file a tax return to show income, expenses, and the percentage of profits each partner owns, which then flows onto the partner's personal tax return.

  • How do I file my business taxes separately from my personal taxes?

    C corporations pay taxes separately, while S corporations and partnerships still file separately but don't pay taxes separately. For partnerships and S corporations, the partner's share of the profit goes onto their personal return after the business return is prepared.

  • How do business losses affect personal taxes?

    In general, you can reduce your taxable income by writing off business losses. However, some business losses may not immediately reduce taxable income, like losses incurred by non-operational businesses until they become operational. Trust 1-800Accountant for expert guidance on your personal income tax preparation and maximize your tax savings.