The Benefits of
1-800Accountant's Quarterly Estimated Tax Service:

Count on 1-800Accountant to ease your burden and accurately calculate your estimated federal tax payments. Their reliable Quarterly Estimated Tax Service sets them apart from traditional firms, offering you comprehensive year-round support.

Year-Round Tax Advisory

Get continuous support throughout the year, including quarterly tax dates, to ensure you stay on top of your estimated tax obligations.

Accurate Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Avoid underpayment penalties and interest by relying on professionals to calculate your IRS quarterly payments precisely.

Identifying Additional Savings

Their tax experts are skilled at identifying potential tax deductions that generic firms may overlook, saving you money.

Work with Professionals Who Understand Your Business

Paying quarterly taxes can be confusing and time-consuming. With 1-800Accountant's expert guidance, you can rest assured that your small business estimated taxes will be handled quickly and efficiently. Their professionals specialize in various industries, including real estate, trucking, e-commerce, and more, across all 50 states.


FAQ about Quarterly Estimated Taxes

  • What are quarterly estimated taxes?

    Quarterly estimated taxes are payments made four times a year by individuals with taxable income but no taxes withheld simultaneously, such as those receiving a W-2.

  • Who must make quarterly tax payments?

    Individuals receiving tax forms other than a W-2 are typically required to make quarterly tax payments. Certain professions, such as fishing and farming, may have exemptions.

  • Who is exempt from quarterly taxes?

    Exempt industries and W-2 employees without additional income sources are not obligated to pay quarterly taxes.

  • How do you calculate quarterly estimated taxes?

    Small business owners can use IRS Form 1040-ES to calculate their estimated tax owed. It involves three steps:

    • calculating taxable income
    • considering applicable credits and deductions
    • determining the remaining tax due
  • What happens if you miss a quarterly estimated tax payment?

    Failure to make sufficient and timely payments may result in additional penalties added to the tax owed on your return, depending on the underpaid amount and how late the payment was.

  • How do I file quarterly taxes?

    You can pay estimated taxes online or use other methods accepted by the IRS, with applicable fees based on your chosen method.

Rely on 1-800Accountant for expert guidance on your quarterly estimated taxes and experience a stress-free approach to managing your small business finances. Contact their team today.

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