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EVM Card Reader

Card Reader

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NewTek Mobile Pay


NewtPay Mobile Square
Receiving Your Money Robust automated security system helps eliminate the unnecessary hold of funds. Funds are held for an undetermined amount of time for large transactions. Quicker deposit times cost 1.00% and are limited to $2,500.
Pricing Flexible tiered pricing structure starting at 1.69%. Flat 2.75% for swiped and 3.50% for manually entered transactions.
Customer Support Toll-free LIVE phone support (24/7/365) & email support. Email-only customer support.
Card Reader We use 1 PCI-Validated EMV card reader that works securely and seamlessly with your Apple or Android phone. Half the cost of Square. Need two encrypted card readers — one for chip, and one for swipe.
Personal Information All customer information is kept secure and private. Square is able to sell your personal information to 3rd parties according to their terms.
Benefit of using a real Merchant Account versus a Payment Aggregator like Square Personalized merchant account provides extra security, a direct relationship and control over taking payments. With aggregated accounts, support and security are not the focus. There is no direct relationship with the merchant account.
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  • Choice of two EMV Ready solutions: Clover Go & Clover Go NFC with Bluetooth

  • As low as $24.95 for 1st Card Reader*

  • Free Shipping

  • No Monthly Minimum**

  • No Cancellation/Early Termination Fee

  • Variable FAN Fee

  • Per transaction rates as low as 1.69%***

  • $0.24 Swipe Transaction Fee***

  • Combined monthly fees of $14.60****

*Additional card reader and setup is $69.95 ea. with free shipping
**If a merchant is inactive for 6 months there will be a $12.50 monthly minimum
***Fees are subject to change
**** Includes PCI Support, IRS Regulatory Fee, MasterCard Changing Fee, and Statement Fee

We have the Experience You Can Trust

  • Anticipated $8 billion in transaction volume by end of 2017

  • Public company since 2000 (NASDAQ: NEWT)

  • We service nearly all industries and business sizes

  • We focus is to help your business grow, reduce costs, and minimize risk

Newtek Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO for Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, CA.
Newtek Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.


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