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Just Payments.

NewtekOne Payment Processing gives you the business intelligence tools
to successfully see how your business is performing day in and day out.

Retail, Mobile, Ecommerce - we do it all
Security first with PCI, PADSS compliance and EMV
Around-the-clock U.S. support team available to assist

Payment Processing Features

Everything your business needs to get paid.

Zero Cost

Allows you to keep 100% of your credit card sales. Your customers will pay a small technology fee that is automatically applied to credit card sales.

Pay At The Table

Customers are given a mobile device, allowing them to keep full control of their cards. The tip screen appears first, captivating the customer's attention which can lead to higher gratuities. This increases table turns and reduces trips back and forth to the POS.

Next Day

Receiving your money is important. With NewtekOne Payment Systems, we offer next day funding. When you settle your credit card transactions they will post the very next day.


Keeps your business secure, protects cardholder information, and avoids fraudulent activity and reduces data breaches by becoming compliant with the credit card industry.


Customers sign off on payments electronically, eliminating paper use and reducing the chance of chargebacks.


With NewtekOne Payment Systems you can accept EMV-chip enabled cards, contactless cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Online Reporting

With our online portal you can easily keep track of your credit card transactions, see detailed batch reports, monitor your funding to your bank account, and see electronic copies of your merchant statements at no additional costs.

Customer Support

Our U.S.-based customer service team is 24/7/365. We have minimal wait times with representatives ready to assist along with first call resolution, so you can spend less time on the phone and more time running your business.

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