The Platform Designed to Help Businesses Thrive

No matter what you sell or how you sell it, Clover lets you accept
credit cards from customers safely and securely.

All Clover products are EMV ready.


Why Clover?

Key benefits

  • Adapts to your setup requirements
  • Simple to use
  • Evolves with your business
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Available accessories: keypad, scale, label makers, cash drawers, and more
  • Cloud-based access for total control
  • State-of-the-art security features

Clover Apps and Analytics

Clover comes pre-configured out of the box, but we don’t stop there. Since it was built on an open platform, your business can expand its capabilities by downloading apps and features from the Clover App Marketplace. Tap into the growing community of developers who are constantly adding new apps and features to the marketplace to streamline business operations.


Hundreds of Clover Apps

Clover starts with the basics and takes your business even further with the App Market. Apps are broken down by functional categories and vertical to add merchant relevant value.

By Function:
  • CRM & Customer Engagement
  • Employee Management
  • Loyalty & Promotion
  • Inventory & Order Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Back Office & Accounting
By Vertical:
  • QSR & FSR
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Coffee Shop
  • Food Truck
  • Bar

Speak with a Specialist

See which Clover POS system is right for your business.


Clover Duo Gen 2

  • Merchant-facing screen—14-inch FHD display
  • Customer-facing screen—8-inch HD display
  • Integrated EMV chip, NFC, and MSR technologies
  • Printer—Standalone receipt printer
  • Special cover glass—both displays have chemically strengthened cover glass with anti-fingerprint coating

Clover Mini Gen 3

  • Fixed countertop use case (+ portable)
  • 7” screen (same form factor as mobile)
  • EMV, NFC, Swiped card/ PIN debit
  • Front facing camera and microphone
  • WiFi / 4G / Ethernet
  • Barcode scanner via camera
  • Embedded printer

Clover Flex Gen 3

  • EMV, NFC, Swiped card/ PIN debit
  • 6” HD screen
  • Touchscreen for e-signature and PIN entry
  • Built in printer
  • Connectivity: WiFi/4G plan
  • Fast battery charging on Clover Flex cradle (included)
  • Lightweight (1 lb.)

Clover Go Gen 3

  • Accept payments anytime, anywhere from your mobile device
  • Bluetooth connected EMV, NFC, Swiped cards Dongle
  • Track sales in real time from your mobile device
  • Send paperless receipts

Point-of-Sale Features

What you get with Clover Point-of-Sale.


Add on top accessories including keypad, scale, label makers, cash drawers, and more for a more customizable platform.


State-of-the-art security features are embedded into each platform for secure payment processing.


Each platform is designed for intuitive setup and adaptability to your setup requirements, making it simple for employees to start using.


Manage offering changes and sync across all devices in real time.


See reporting by tender, card type, cash reports, and employee breakdown.

& Reporting

Access data by cash entries, date, employee, reason code, and order ID.


View reports by category or item, quantity, revenue modifiers, and discounts.


Get a clear look at order volume by date range, total orders, average order, items per order, and tax and tender.

Export Data

Review employee time cards, metrics, transaction reports, inventory management, custom discounts and tender types, and access app marketplace.