How We Help

We assist in planning and implementing your migration to the cloud
We specialize in moving data from on-premise infrastructure
Clients immediately benefit from increased physical and digital security

Moving to the Cloud Doesn’t Need to be Painful

  • As businesses worldwide continue to look to the cloud for cost savings and enhanced security, NewtekOne is here to help you make the move.
  • NewtekOne infrastructure migration engineers will plan and implement your move to the cloud
  • Typical savings to IT budget exceed 60% when moving away from on-premise infrastructure to NewtekOne’s data center(s)

We Also Support Infrastructure Migration From Other Clouds and Providers

  • Migrations from public cloud providers
  • Migrations from bare-metal infrastructure located at third-party data centers

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5 Reasons To Move Your IT Workloads To NewtekOne

  • Reduce cost – Reduce capital spending on on-premise infrastructure
  • Minimize risk – Outsource the heavy lifting of securing your IT infrastructure to a provider that has already made significant investments to build a world-class data center network
  • Greater support – Receive technical support from highly skilled and certified professionals
  • Monitoring – Receive around-the-clock monitoring and rapid response to issues
  • Compliance – Gain expert support for meeting or exceeding nearly all regulatory or government compliance demands