Credit Card Payments
Without the Fees.

Zero-fee processing is an ideal solution for many industries where accepting
credit cards is often not practical or difficult due to processing costs.

Offset your transaction costs by offering two prices at the point of sale
Receive the full amount from each transaction to increase your bottom line
Solutions available for both face-to-face and ecommerce transactions

It Works.

  • Our payment device will display two totals, one higher price for card payments, and a lower for cash payments.
  • The purchaser chooses which way they would like to pay.
  • If a card payment is selected, the higher amount is processed and the fees are covered.
  • If cash is selected, the purchaser will receive a receipt with a line item discount for paying with cash.

Speak with a Specialist.

Contact your Newtek Payments Specialist to receive
information on zero cost processing.

Zero Cost Processing
By Industry

Helping businesses save money, one payment at a time.

High Ticket

Car repair, medical, legal, resorts, high-end restaurants.


Contractors, towing, taxi, cleaning services, electricians.

Low Ticket

Grocery, convenience store, fast food, car wash.


Insurance, nonprofit organizations.