Is Your Collateral Insured?

Highlights of our Lender-Placed Insurance program include:

  • Coverage on specific collateral with lender as loss payee
  • Covers second mortgages and equity loans
  • Option to include liability coverage
  • Flood coverage with no waiting period
  • Residential, commercial, mobile homes, automobiles, and equipment coverage
  • Coverage extends to Other Real Estate Owned (OREO) portfolios
  • Compliance tracking to ensure continued coverage

Products Available

Blanket Mortgage Hazard

  • Provides the lender with property coverage on the entire portfolio
  • Covers residential, commercial, and mobile home loans

Blanket Mortgage Impairment

  • Covers all residential, commercial, second mortgage, and home equity lines of credit
  • Eliminates the need to track or force place mortgaged properties for required insurance


  • Full outsourcing of insurance monitoring to an outside computerized tracking facility
  • Automatic coverage of all loan collateral against uninsured physical damage or loss

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