Easy to Use Interface

  • Ensure a user-friendly and consistent interface design across the board
  • Edit categories at the menu item and/or order level with a 3-tab speed navigation and ticketing system
  • Complete customization of your menu
  • Only minimal training needed

Inventory Management

  • User-friendly interface lets you input food and drink stock/costs and manage food expiration dates
  • Categories for product input such as inventory, nutrition info, and pricing
  • Alerts for when items are low in stock
  • Access to an array of reporting that customizes to your type of store

Custom reports and accounting software Integration

  • More than 80 customizable reports
  • Access to pull daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports
  • See which items are popular and ones that are not
  • Hourly reporting gives you info on when the busiest times of your store are
  • Ability to integrate to multiple accounting software

Gift, Loyalty, and Rewards Programs

  • Categorize promotion types (product or order level)
  • Coupons can be for single or multiple use and saved in POS
  • Set coupons for certain timeframes
  • Gift cards can be activated, deactivated, loaded, and balance viewable on screen
  • Completely customizable loyalties programs
  • Discount rewards programs can either be scanned or manually entered into POS

Online Store Front

  • Capability to accept online orders that are sent directly to the POS (pickup and delivery)
  • Customers can review previous orders with just one touch
  • Enhances your customer’s experience and the web store is accessible through mobile and internet capable devices
  • We offer web hosting and can set up a website integrated with your POS
  • Connect QuickBooks to your business bank account and credit cards.

Barcode Scanning

  • SKU/UPC scanning supported
  • Multiple UPC scan for single item
  • Barcode printer integration (includes three different printable sizes)

Employee Management

  • Using iSolved, your Human Resource needs are all in one place
  • Manage employee info, schedules, wages, and review time cards

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