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Virtual Terminal Features:

Our merchant processing solution offers:

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards

  • Transaction Data and Order information fields are saved indefinitely

  • Recurring billing with your customer database

  • Increased security by supporting three levels: Clerk, Manager, and Administrator

  • Supports unlimited number of users

  • Easy to use virtual terminal interface for both standard key input or the new touchscreen devices

  • PCI / PADSS certification, available fraud modules



Unique Receipts and Entry Modes

  • Fully customizable receipts for a printer or email receipts

  • Available receipt templates for: eCommerce, retail, and transactions with tips

  • Transactions can be manually keyed or a card swiper can be used

  • WiFi/Bluetooth card reader device connection to laptop or tablet for retail swipe transacting.

  • Supports the ability to upload company logos for receipts

Recurring Payments Features

  • Multiple recurring payment options and plans available

  • Monthly and weekly processing options

  • Cardholder numbers are placed in a card vault and replaced by a token when processed

  • Tokens keep card numbers secure – card numbers are not stored in the virtual gateway

  • Store multiple cards per customer

  • Ability to have various plans running at once and per customer



End-to-End Encryption And
Full Tokenization

  • Don’t Forget to Ask About our Gift Card and Loyalty Card Programs

  • EMV cardreader is encrypted upon swipe for full encryption and complete security

  • Cardholder numbers are placed in a card vault and replaced by a token when processed

  • Tokens keep all card numbers from all hacking

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Benefits for Developers

  • Free Sandbox Account

  • Emulators Available

  • RESTful Interface

  • Code Samples

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