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Jan 6, 2016

2016 Resolutions for Your Office

fireworksNew year, means new year resolutions, not just for you but for your business too. It’s time to look back at the things that worked for you in 2015 and the things that didn’t quite meet your standards.

Before making your resolutions talk to your staff. Learn about their experiences from the previous years. Remember, they see things you don’t.

1.     Get Organized. The biggest successes start with organization. Start with the small things, like organizing your desk. Organize your computer or documenting system. Perhaps you need to reorganize your stock room or the floor plan of the office. I could even be time to reorganize your staff.

2.     Get Smarter. Opportunity cost is a real thing. It might be smarter to invest in some better technology so you can work smarter, not harder. Sometimes an investment in new technology is the best way to become more efficient. That means less mistakes, and less work for you. Which results in you focusing your time on more pressing matters.

3.     Take You Time. Time for yourself is just as important as the time you put into your work. If you can't come in with a clear head in the morning how do you expect to get anything done. It's important to shut down and recharge.

Sometimes your work resolutions can turn into personal resolutions or vice versa. Reach for goals that are plausible so you don’t get discouraged. Be realistic and put in as much effort as you see fit.