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Sep 8, 2015

3 Steps to Gaining Freedom in your Business

how-to-gain-personal-freedom-controlStarting a business is often a stressful task that comes with much responsibility. At first you are doing everything yourself alongside your partner, if you have one. As a business owner, although it is important to ensure tasks are being executed properly, it is equally - if not more important - to achieve your vision of success and expand upon it. As a creative in this way, you need the time to think and not worry about the menial, yet important tasks. The key to freedom and consistent performance is systems. Your business should be systems, not owner, dependent. Below are three to creating a system- dependent business: 1. Document There are tasks you want to be done in a certain way. So how can someone else perform these tasks? It would take too much effort to keep explaining how to do something the right way, so documenting everything is key. Start your path to freedom by having your employees, including yourself, document everything they do. The point is to get it out of your head and onto paper, which as much detail as necessary so someone else can replicate the action. The more accurate you are, the more accurately a job is well done! 2. Learn To Trust As a business owner, your job is never done. It may see you work 24/7 just to keep things going. Ask yourself, “What task have I done today that I can pass to someone else?” Passing off a task to someone else can be the most liberating thing when overwhelmed with stress from trying to run things every day. Effective delegation becomes possible when your documentation is accurate enough for another person to replicate. Just learn to trust that person will do just as good a job as you 3. Let Go Eventually there will be a time where you have built your company up to being this successful and well established enterprise that you will be seen less and less. The vision is for you to enjoy and watch your business work. A successful business is profitable, delivers its promise, and runs without you - the owner. At that point you can let go and enjoy! Resources: "3 Steps to Gain Freedom in Your Business." Houston Business Coach The Growth Coach. Web. 13 Apr. 2015. <>.