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Jan 14, 2013

#4 Small Biz Issue for 2013: CyberSecurity

Last week we highlighted the top 3 issues facing small business in 2013, namely, healthcare, small business lending, and eCommerce solutions. Today, we will take a look at CyberSecurity for Small Business. Small businesses are going to need to make the leap into the cloud and accept the fact that their businesses are at risk each and every day. They are no longer able to ignore the risks inherent in keeping sensitive data in a tower on their hard drive under their desk. Lawyers and medical professionals cannot ignore the risks of keeping their client’s health and financial data sitting in an office closet on a server or with unbounded local IT provider. For the following reasons businesses must embrace the cloud:
  • It is more cost effective than their current IT configuration.
  • It is more secure. Not perfect, but generally more secure than their current IT configuration.
  • It is more efficient regarding access to data 24/7 off of a tablet or smartphone and remotely.
  • Constant surveillance and security offered by cloud hosts of business applications are better and security guaranties are available and can be offered. In a nut shell and lastly, small businesses need to embrace the cloud in 2013 and should speak directly with an expert at The Small Business Authority to learn how to enhance their business in this fashion.