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Jan 12, 2015

7 Sales Secrets to Live By

sales-secrets-leading-sales-execsThe technique of selling is an art. It requires you to engage with the client one on one and ever so eloquently persuade them to invest in your company. There are a couple things to keep in mind which will turn you from an unconfident, fumbling with your words novice, to being successful and at the top of your game. Product Knowledge and Value        Know your product! That seems like a no- brainer but many people think that their charm and charisma is going to get them a sale. That is only half the battle. The products you sell, and more importantly, their benefits with use, are key points that need to be discussed throughout the entire pitch. Your customer needs to know what your product or service is worth to them. As an example, if you are selling shampoo, your client needs to know how that shampoo will change their appearance. Little details like this show you really understand your clients’ need. Understanding Needs and Wants Always ask simple questions which prompt your client to exposing how they feel. If you are selling a mobile device, an example would be, “So I see you have the Galaxy 3, how is it holding up for you thus far?” A simple question which gently pries into how a client feels will guide your follow up questions. The goal is to ask the right questions which will open the client to the suggestion of your new product. If you start off engaging the client in your product, without understanding what they actually need, you are liable to waste your time and theirs. Needless to say, you won’t be making a sale. Lighten the Mood Sales people often get a bad rep because they are too aggressive and intense. Clients will be quick to put up that imaginary wall between you and them, and it will take twice as much work to break that down. Break the ice with a smile, and always be genuine. If you can make people like you, they are more likely to trust you and buy from you. Cracking a joke or two throughout the pitch will create a relaxing atmosphere for both of you and will make the client more susceptible to listening to what you have to say. Find Common Ground         Yes, we know you are about to sell me something. It isn’t hard to spot a sales person from a mile away, and that notion itself is already off putting. One of the first thoughts to surface in a client’s mind is that if you are selling me something, you probably don’t care about much else but the sale (or the quality of the product you’re selling.) Finding common ground between you and the customer helps to ease those harsh thoughts because trust is being built. With trust comes a sale. Make Things Sound Exclusive You are more likely to sell something that sounds unique than something 1000 other people already have. Convincing people to part with their money is hard enough, so do your best to make your client understand just how valuable your product or service really is. Speak to how your client will benefit and for the cost you are selling it at. Make a point of explaining how your products and services differ from your competition. If people believe they are receiving exceptional quality, they may even spend more than you thought! Time is Precious Another phrase that salesmen dislike is, “I would but I don’t have the time.” When people are shopping for personal items, they are using their free time. When businesses are shopping for services, they are using company time. Time is precious to your customer, and no one likes their time to be wasted. Always remember to thank your client for engaging with you! This leaves a great lasting impression and will make them feel appreciated. Clients are more likely to do continued business when they feel respected. No End to a Sale Once a product is sold, the job is not done. Attending to the needs of your clients is essential to keep up with relations. Customers should have access to your services 24/7. Buying a product or service is like buying a guarantee that the service will work. Resolving client issues immediately builds your reputation as a reliable company to work with and word of mouth travels a long way. Not only will your attention keep your current customers happy, but will help to recruit more!
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