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Jun 17, 2015

A Tablet on Steroids: The Microsoft Surface Hub

MSurface HubReady for an office upgrade?

Introducing: the new Microsoft Surface Hub.  This innovative device is a combination of both a whiteboard and a colossal tablet. Not only does this simplify the process of conference/video calls, but it allows for real-time collaboration and presentations. Unlike past products designed for individual productivity, the Hub is intended for group efforts. Whether you choose to gather physically or virtually, the Hub allows you to connect, share ideas, and make decisions with the ease and efficiency.  It will run on a custom version of Windows 10, and includes all usual Microsoft Office apps in addition to Skype, OneNote, and other universal apps.

To control the screen, one can use a finger or stylus, or simply speak the commands you desire. The screen can also be run through a Windows, Android, a Microsoft-friendly iOS smartphone, or tablet.  This user-friendly device is designed for anyone to use, as it provides an appealing way to collaborate and share content.

The Microsoft Surface Hub comes in two sizes: 84 and 55 inches. The 84-inch Hub has a “4K” ultra-high-definition display and is projected to cost $20,000. The 55-inch Hub contains 1080p display and will start at $7,000. Despite the alarming price tag, Microsoft is confident that the Surface Hub will appeal to many businesses that already experience high conference room expenditures. Instead of struggling to individually manage numerous devices, the Hub can simply be managed by IT. It is also predicted to become a hot commodity for companies that value collaboration, like product design, marketing, or advertising as it allows for multiple users to simultaneously draw and control items on the screen. The Microsoft Surface Hub will be available for order on July 1st, and is expected to ship in September.

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