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Apr 23, 2015

Best Practices for SMB YouTube Marketing

large red play buttonIn 2005, YouTube was launched and no one really knew what it was. Today, YouTube has more than 1 billion users with 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute and the hours people are watching videos are increasing by 50% each month.

So why aren’t you using this to your advantage? All those views, all those people, all that exposure.

Yes, creating videos for YouTube can be a large time commitment, but it could also be used to market your business. Kind of like a homemade commercial. However it’s important to use the right equipment and have your video properly edited. This will entice more people to watch what you have and click on more videos.

Create shareable content:

The best way to come up with content is to promote yourself and your products. Making tutorials on new products whether it’s on the computer or live action is a great way to promote your new inventory. A walk through of your facility and conduct interviews with your employees.

Breakdown the barrier:

YouTube can be the tool to break down the wall between consumer and mystery business. It can give your business a face and personality, show that it’s run by real people.

Explain your business to people:

If you are a business with a lot of aspects (like NewtekOne) use YouTube to make a fun demonstrational piece on what your company does. Create visual aids and make it fun to watch. Sometimes someone explaining something is a lot easier than reading about it, and more fun.

Create vlogs (video blogs):

Make a weekly (or biweekly) video of updates in your business. Make it fun and entertaining! Make several episodes at one time even and name your series something fun, that you can promote when sending out newsletters.

YouTube allows for vast areas of creativity just remember with every social media tool its important to keep your branding consistent and to engage with your viewers. Name your video titles something enticing. Theme your page to match your brand.