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Jan 3, 2014

Cybercrime Snaps Up Snapchat

acura-sent-100-followers-a-snapchatA total of 4.6 million Snapchat (a popular social app) users' personal information including phone numbers were compromised by hackers yesterday. (Happy New Year Snapchat!) What is even more unsettling was that the cybercriminals warned Snapchat leadership days before the breach. Oops. The app has gained unbridled popularity as it affords users the ability to send photos that last only a few seconds, before "self-destructing." Not surprisingly, it has seen most growth among adolescents - a group that has come to relish it's "extra security." Whoops. While it's true that hackers did not release the millions of "deleted photos" (phew) a Company who is perceived to be "ultra secure" in terms of their product branding, can ill afford such lax security initiatives. Lesson learned? Well, as much as Snapchat is concerned, we can assume they are taking their cybersecurity initiatives more seriously. Unfortunately, Snapchat isn't the only Company that is going to be rattled or even decimated by hackers this year. If you would like to know what measures you can take to help batten down your cyber-hatches, this article is a good place to start.