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Oct 18, 2011

Declutter Your Desk With These Tips

[caption id="attachment_393" align="alignright" width="382" caption="Declutter your desk"][/caption] Whether you have limited space on your desk or you just like a clean working surface, you can help keep your desk free of clutter with a little extra effort. Here are some suggestions for a more streamlined workspace.

Use Functional Décor

You want your desk to look nice, but not at the expense of productivity. When you’re trying to pick between filling your desk's surface with attractive items that are technically useless and tools that you actually use everyday, ask yourself if you really have to choose. There are items available that are attractive and functional. For example, you can buy a vase full of pens that look like flowers, as each writing utensil features a fake flower on top. Not only will you always remember where to find a pen, but you’ll also brighten up your desk.

Customize Your Office

Many people place photographs on their desks of family members, pets, or fond memories. Pictures can help you feel relaxed, and they remind you of the people and animals you love to be around. In addition, pictures reveal pieces of your personal life, which can make you easier to relate to and work with. However, not everyone has enough space on his desk to add lots of photos. Consider getting a mouse pad with a picture of your dog on it to add a personal touch to your desk without taking up valuable space. You can also get a personalized calendar for your desk or wall.

Light Up Your Desk

Every desk needs a source of light nearby for those occasional late nights. Think beyond a simple desktop lamp and consider some smaller options that still give enough light. If your desk comes with a hutch, you can attach an overhead light to it. If you prefer to stick with a desktop lamp, choose one with lots of storage space in the base to store pens, paper clips, staples, and other small necessities. Another option is a small LED lamp that can be clipped to your computer. According to Coolest Gadgets, such a lamp is great for lighting up your keyboard as you type. For more information, visit: 1. "Ten Ways to Relaxify Your Workspace"