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Dec 28, 2015

Deploy Location-Based Mobile Marketing to Reach Local Audiences

location based servicesHave you ever used your phone to find a place to grab a drink or dine while in an unfamiliar neighborhood? If you have, than you’ve used location-based services. This is a clever kind of mobile marketing that allows businesses to target local consumers. A location-based mobile marketing strategy enables small businesses to better attract random passerbys. This is a powerful offering that’s affordable and easy to do. Any mobile strategy beings with your company’s website. Content you post on your business site and associated social pages should be ready to be consumed on various mobile devices. Why? Because web content recognized by Google’s search engine (which rewards mobile-friendly content!) will put your location on the map. To do this, make sure the basic web content related to your business is in order on search engines as well as on your company’s website. Post your business' locations, hours of operation, menus, parking instructions, etc. When consumers use Google to search via smartphone, they have a better chance of seeing your website if it’s correctly configured for mobile. Another key component of a successful location-based mobile strategy is reviews. In addition to being the simplest marketing you can do, organizations with overwhelmingly positive reviews on Yelp and other mobile-first sites are proven to garner more business than those that do not. Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers to review your business, offer an incentive in exchange for their review. A special discount for customers who leave reviews provides for repeat business and a healthy digital reputation. Small business owners must consider the impact that mobile marketing can have on sales and brand perception. A successful mobile strategy, one that incorporates location-based marketing services to reach a local audience, will reap major rewards.