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Oct 25, 2013

Does a Cloud Solution Help SMBs with Security?

In keeping with this week's theme of Cloud computing, today's topic revolves around its role regarding security as it pertains to small businesses. Security is one area where Cloud hosting, generally speaking, is light years ahead of most other alternatives. How so? iStock_000016550533XSmallWell, it is true that a highly competent IT team, some excellent anti-virus/anti-spam software, and constant maintenance could serve as a decent vehicle by which to protect a small business's data. But there is more to security. Physical accessibility is an oft overlooked consideration, and even the conditions in which the servers are kept (which could affect functionality and ultimately, security.) Perhaps it would be best to look at what's available security-wise in a full service cloud environment like NewtekOne's. For starters, even the most inexpensive hosting plan immediately entitles customers to multi-tiered physical security measures, including 24/7/365 professional security, video surveillance, biometric retinal scanning, and a man-trap entry point. Now imagine the above benefits only as a first line of defense and then consider myriad other levels of fortification such as optimal temperature and humidity, pre-action fire VESDA protection, raised floors, SSAE 16-SOC 1 audited, network operations center of highly trained system administrators available around-the-clock, every single second of the year. Now factor in the benefits associated with complete network redundancy at all key points to ensure uninterrupted connections from peers, routers, and firewalls to ensure maximum uptime. Add these impressive to provisions to top of the line servers which are racked in state-of-the-art managed segments utilizing the best hand-picked, server-class components to allow for optimal runtime, performance, and reduced hardware failures. And if a company's needs include regulatory compliance hosting, on-premise solutions likely pale in comparison. Why not go with a “hoster” that already has multitudes of experience with PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, SSAE 16, and more? The takeaway here is clear, there is virtually no way for a small business to so much as approach the security measures of a quality cloud solution. There isn't even a worthwhile enough comparison to broach.