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Dec 10, 2012

Domains Part III: How Do I Register a Domain Name?

Any website begins with the selection of a domain name. Once you have one, you should have it registered immediately – so it can officially belong to you. ICANN is the group with the authority to register new names to responsible organizations or corporations around the world (commonly known as registrars.) These registrars are essentially the “brokers” between you, the registrant and the world wide web. Some of these registrars offer straight-forward, quick domain name registration, while others offer elaborately comprehensive registration packages that can feature live 24 hour support, full web hosting packages, web site design assistance, cloud services, and more. That being said, you already know that you are going to, at the very least, require hosting; so it is probably a good idea to do business with a top-quality, affordable option like NewtekOne, The Small Business Authority which offers an incredible package for just $6 per month. When speaking to your chosen registrar, you may already have an idea of the specific domain name that you would like to buy. They will be able to ensure that your domain is available and help you register it, if it is. If it’s not, any registrar worth its salt will have an online tool to help you find similar options that may work – and in many cases are preferable. Once you settle on a domain, there is some basic personal and billing information you will need to provide to the registrar to complete registration. Then voila! You will then be the proud owner of a registered domain name. Click here to see if a domain name is available. This article is Part III of a five part blog series on domain names. Read the others: Domains Part I: So What’s a Domain Name Do? Domains Part II: Selecting the Right Business Domain Name