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Jun 26, 2015

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Introduces the “Moments” App

FB momentsFacebook’s new Moments app provides another platform in which you can exchange as many photos as you like with as many people as you choose. Forget the News Feed and simply share your private “moments” with only the people you truly care to. The Moments app scans the pictures in your phone for faces and is able to match a name to each face based on your Facebook friends. As a result of your photos being grouped by occasion, and your Facebook friends being grouped by your relationship, sharing them with others through the app is extremely easy. Unlike Facebook, Moments is focused on audience, rather than content.

The creation of this app acts as a segue into Facebook’s artificial intelligence research (FAIR). After recently opening its third research lab, this time in Paris, the artificial intelligence teams are analyzing new ways to assist users in effective communication with those of preference. The future of Facebook is said to work like the iPhone’s Siri in the sense that you will be able to ask questions, such as “What are my kids up to?” and see instant results.  The FAIR teams are working on long-term projects to build machines that can make better sense of the large amounts of constantly streaming data (image-recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, etc.)

For technology companies, like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and China’s Baidu, artificial intelligence - or machine learning - is becoming almost essential. For this reason, they are investing big money into AI labs and recruiting top candidates. Many users are nervous that the advancements in AI are a way to access more private information. While that may prove to be the case, the stated goal is to eventually have a clearer idea of the content and context of posts in order to create a more personalized newsfeed for everyone.