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Mar 30, 2012

Help Desk: When You Should Hire a Designer for Your Ecommerce Website

[caption id="attachment_393" align="alignright" width="300" caption="When You Should Hire a Designer for Your Ecommerce Website"][/caption] In each SMB Help Desk blog post, we discuss useful tools and services that can help your business increase revenue, reduce expenses, and minimize risk. Last time, we covered Newtek SiteCenter, our easy-to-use, do-it-yourself website building tool. Newtek SiteCenter works online and is template-based, so if you can point and click, you can build a professional-looking website within minutes. For the majority of websites just starting out, an online builder will satisfy your needs and help you design, build, and roll out a fully-functioning website quickly and without any professional assistance. But what if:
  • …You require something more complex or have specific design ideas in mind that a template won’t be able to replicate?
  • …You’ve outgrown your starter website or are unhappy with the look or feel of your current site?
  • …Or worse, your website isn’t generating the traffic or revenue you expected?
If any of those above scenarios reflect your current views on your website, it may be time to place it in the hands of a professional designer. A qualified designer or design team can create a brand new website for you or devise a full makeover to your existing site if so desired. A Crucial Marketing Tool A website shouldn’t be just an online presence or electronic brochure for your company; it should act as the core marketing tool that drives your organization to success. A properly designed website can increase leads, sales, client retention, support reduction, marketing, and much more, improving your company’s bottom line. The Right Design Team for You That is why you should hire a design team that understands that website design, along with proper marketing, is vital to your business’ success. Here at The Small Business Authority, our Professional Service Team have created and redesigned thousands of websites that help deliver results and improve bottom lines. If your small business is growing and your online needs have expanded beyond what design-it-yourself software offers, our professional designers and developers can significantly improve your web presence. Our Professional Service Team can redesign your old website or create a new one that provides your customers a more encompassing shopping experience. And they can also help improve your SEO to drive more people to your site. Further Reading: Learn more about our Professional Service Team who can design a website for your company that can help you achieve the online results you want. Learn more about Newtek SiteCenter, our user-friendly, feature-packed, and FREE website builder.