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Sep 27, 2011

How to Use Google AdWords

[caption id="attachment_393" align="alignright" width="425" caption="How to use Google AdWords"][/caption] If you were to google “trip to San Diego,” you would undoubtedly receive a whole host of results, ranging from trip-advisor websites to food reviews to hotel and flight aggregators. You’ve probably noticed that the first few results of any Google search are highlighted advertisements, taking precedence over other search results. You may also be familiar with the column of results on the right-hand side that displays the same types of results but catches your eye in a different way. What gives these search results this kind of priority? Google AdWords.1 When you google “trip to San Diego,” you see a “Tour to San Diego” ad from San Diego Tours, a “Trip to San Diego” ad from Cheapflights, and a “San Diego Attractions” ad from the Julian Chamber of Commerce, to name a few. These businesses created Google Ads via AdWords. AdWords’ biggest focus is relevance—how can your ad reach the highest level of quality by using keywords that describe your business? AdWords can develop a payment plan that fits your budget, craft an ad campaign with easy-to-follow steps, and ensure that you target the correct audiences.

Steps to Successfully Using Google AdWords

Google’s “AdWords Beginner’s Guide”2 takes you through a step-by-step process to create your ad campaign. Provence Wellness Center3 in New York City chose to embrace AdWords and is more than satisfied with the results thus far. Beginning in 2009, the center relied mainly on traditional Google search results to spread the word about its services. About a month ago, manager Mireille MacCarthy upgraded to AdWords. “Google Ads has been very good for us,” MacCarthy said in a phone interview. She talked about the benefits of keyword targeting: “That’s where our clients come from. They just go on Google and type ‘detoxifying holistic center’ [or] ‘facials and massages’ or ‘honey wax hair removal.’” She said that thanks to AdWords, clients can stumble on her ad faster and locate her business immediately. A note to local business owners—like Provence Wellness Center, you may arrange to have your ad appear to people searching within a certain-mile radius of your business location. “It makes sense, because most people [rely on] search engines. We ask every client how he or she found us, and they say, ‘Google.’ And with Google, you have a choice of seeing a review,” MacCarthy said. Google allows you to create a setting that allows others to post reviews about your business. Finally, MacCarthy talked about the ad reports she receives from AdWords. “Every month, they send me how many people clicked, how many people viewed our website … we pay per click … you tell [Google] your budget and then you know how many clicks you can receive per month for your ad.” To begin your journey, visit the AdWords Small Business Center4 for beginner’s guides, instructions, tips on creating your most effective ad, and more. Once you’ve gotten settled in the AdWords world, refer to the AdWords Checklist5 to check whether you’re 100 percent on track to seeing results. For more information, visit: 1. “Advertise Your Business on Google” 2. “AdWords Beginner’s Guide” 3. Provence Wellness Center 4. AdWords Small Business Center 5. “AdWords Checklist” 6. “Where Will My Ads Appear?