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Oct 2, 2015

I Dip, You Dip, we TIP

dipjarNo one carries cash anymore. Everything is either swiped or tapped. Carrying cash is a burden, it takes up too much room in our lives, but not carrying cash leaves the tip jar on the counter of your local coffee shop empty. DipJar is the tip jar where all you have to do is “dip” your card.

Ryder Kessler said the idea occurred to him simply because he began to “feel like a jerk” at one of his favorite coffee shops which only offered tipping via a cash-only tip jar. In 2012 he founded the New York based company and sent out two dozen prototypes to small businesses in New York.

The DipJar is a simple jar with a credit card reader inside. The patron puts their card in the reader, in the jar, and pulls it out. The jar automatically charges a pre-determined amount of money listed on the jar decided by the business. There’s no limit to how many times you can swipe your card, so if you want to tip more than the listed amount, keep dipping. When you “dip” your card the jar makes a loud change clinking noise so the employees know you’ve tipped.

DipJar is working on software to track tipping. The goal is to have employees enter their information so customer satisfaction and tips can be tracked. In addition they are aiming to automate payouts to employees instead of having checks distributed every two weeks.

DipJar has been a hit with their test subjects. In addition it can be used for charity donation or standard priced sales. DipJar is ready for the EMV shift on October 1st and is preparing for Apple and other touch payment methods. They already trademarked “TapJar” in preparation.

To purchase a DipJar you must visit their site at and request a jar. Currently DipJar is trying to raise funds to be able to mass produce its product. They don’t have a set price yet at what they will be selling it for if there will be charges with payments. DipJar is tipping of the future!